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What your Dating Life can teach your Side Hustle

Advice for your Side Hustle from your Dating Life by Steven Chien – What your Dating Life can teach your SideHustle Even if your dating life is a hot friggin mess there are many similarities and lessons to be learned for your sidehustle. Ridiculous? Maybemaybe not. Both your dating life and your side hustle live somewhere within the Trifecta of Passion Purpose and Practicality coined by the infamous Ron Burgundy;-) To gain a better understanding of what this means for your love / hustle life lets examine a few different types of dating flings and sidehustles: The Summer Fling aka the PassionProject This is the fling or project where sparks fly where spontaneous connections seem to magically manifest igniting a fire within you while feeling effortless. But as quickly as it started it often fizzles out just asquickly. And thatsokay. Your passion project could be like the summer camp a teenage Jeff Bezos created with his then-girlfriend. It lasted only 10 days but helped him realize that what excited him was working forhimself. Everybody needs some passion in their love life and working life even if it turns out to be short-lived. The takeaway here is to pay attention to your gut feelings your intuitions and most importantly to not be afraid to act on them! Even if it doesnt last chances are youll look back with fond nostalgia and at the very least gain a better understanding of what triggers your excitement. The Deep Bae aka the Purpose-filled Project This is the relationship that forces you to explore your inner self. Its the side hustle that speaks to a deep motivation. While there can be some overlap with the Passion Project the Purpose-filled Project somehow connects to your soul. That deeper purpose for why youre here. Where your purpose is something larger than you. These relationships and side hustles dont come around often so its worth paying attention when they do popup. Both passion and purpose are characterized by deep engagement in whatever youre doing. The difference being that passion is often about pleasuring yourself whereas purpose is often something outside of yourself. Its less exciting and less glamorous than passion. If passion is form then purpose is function. Blake Mycoski the founder of TOMS shoes discovered purpose in rural Argentina after witnessing the real effects of being shoeless: the blisters the sores the infections. Before he even had a shoe design he had a stated purpose: Shoes for a Better Tomorrow. Why is purpose and meaning important? Because when passion and excitement die down in the face of challengespurpose and meaning will help you persist. Purpose will give you the clarity and determination to push through the obstacles. The Booty Call aka the Practical Hustle Weve reached the practical extreme the basest of our dating and working needs. In dating this might be the booty call or sugar mama/daddy. Youd be judged for being so blatant in your dating life but commended for doing the same with your sidehustle. The Practical Hustle could be a part-time job as a real estate agent driving for Lyft or even being a farmhand for room andboard. Weve all got needs no shame in that. Everyone must address our practical needs to survive. In many ways the Practical Hustle is the unsung hero toiling in the background that allows the prettier Passion Project or Purpose-filled Project to shine in the spotlight. However youll want to notice how much of your time and focus is being spent on your Practical Hustle. Is it worth the time and effort thats taking away from your passion orpurpose? When you put these all three Ps (Passion Purpose Practicality) together youget The One aka the DreamCalling Its the guy or gal you wanna spend the rest of your life with. Its the side hustle youd like to turn into your future career. While other dating flings and gigs tend to be transitory in nature the One and Dream Calling operate on a longer time horizon. That could mean taking the plunge and planning for a lifetime together. Or making the preparations to transition your side hustle into your full-time career. The common thread is looking towards thefuture. Lets circle back to the Trifecta of Passion Purpose and Practicality referenced by scholarly scholars around the world as T.o.P.P.P. When it comes to a side hustle the driving force is typically only one of the three Ps. A Dream Calling on the other hand has a strong mix of all threePs. Passion that triggers your initial excitement. Purpose that helps you push past obstacles towards a meaning beyond yourself. Practicality that meets yourneeds. Blake from TOMS shoes began his journey with a passion for Argentinian culture. He found purpose in helping children in need. And it became practical when the venture started turning a profit allowing him to transition a side hustle into his full-time focus. TOMS shoes covers all three Ps and thats why it became Blakescalling. Tri- it!;-) Try charting your current side hustle(s) onto the Trifecta triangle. If you so dare try charting your relationship(s) too! Where do they fall on the triangle? Is it what you expected? Looking at their current placement on the triangle are they serving your current goals andneeds? Where on the triangle would you like tobe? Enjoyed this article? Please help out your friends with a or a share. Follow me for more Side Fling fun Advice for your Side Hustle from your Dating Life was originally published in Its Your Turn on Medium where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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